Share Information

Bombardier has issued shares in the following classes:

  As at February 14, 2017 Voting rights Issued and outstanding Ticker  

Class B shares 1 *

1 vote per share

1,879,142,745 2



Class A shares 1

10 votes per share




Series 2 preferred shares





Series 3 preferred shares





Series 4 preferred shares




  1. As stated in the 2016 Management Proxy Circular, as at March 7, 2016,  Mr. J. R. André Bombardier, director of the Corporation, and Mses. Janine Bombardier, Claire Bombardier Beaudoin and Huguette Bombardier Fontaine (collectively, the “Principal Shareholders”) indirectly controlled, through holding companies, in the aggregate 79.47% of the issued and outstanding Class A shares and 1.56% of the issued and outstanding Class B subordinate voting shares of the Corporation and 49.78% of all the voting rights attached to all of its issued and outstanding voting shares. In addition, members of the immediate family of the Principal Shareholders currently exercise control or direction over 0.81% of all the Class A shares and Class B subordinate voting shares issued and outstanding and 3.45% of all the voting rights attached to all the shares of the Corporation.
  2. Net of 55,533,118 Class B shares purchased and held in trust in connection with the PSU and RSU plans.

* In the United States, Bombardier Class B common shares also trade on the OTCQX under the symbol BDRBF.