When used herein, the term "Bombardier" refers to Bombardier Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. Below is a list of certain of Bombardier's trademarks, tradenames, logos, and names of associated goods and services ("Trademarks") that appear throughout the Bombardier website (note that this is not a list of ALL Trademarks owned or used by Bombardier). These Trademarks shall not be used, redistributed, broadcast, published, copied to any other media or reproduced other than for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Bombardier. These Trademarks must not be altered in any manner, distorted or used in any way that is detrimental to Bombardier's image or reputation. Other Trademarks of Bombardier are found on the Bombardier core business websites. Bombardier does not represent or warrant that such Trademarks do not infringe the rights of any other person or entity. The absence of a Trademark in the list below does not constitute a partial or full waiver by Bombardier of intellectual property rights in relation to any such Trademark. Additionally, the "Associated Goods or Services" column is meant to give a short description of the type of goods or services associated with a Trademark and is not an exhaustive nor a precise description of all such goods and services. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting, explicitly or implicitly, any license or other right to use any of the Trademarks owned or used by Bombardier other than in accordance with the terms contained herein.

  Trademarks Associated Goods and Services  
  Bombardier logo  
  Trademarks AEROSPACE  
  Bombardier 415 Aircraft (Amphibious)  
  Bombardier 415 MP Aircraft (Amphibious)  
  de Havilland Aircraft  
  Shorts Aircraft  
  Canadair Aircraft  
  Learjet Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Learjet 40 Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Learjet 45 Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Learjet 60 Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Learjet 85 Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  XR Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Challenger Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Challenger 300 Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Challenger 605 Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Challenger 850 Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Global Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Global Vision Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Global 5000 Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  Global Express Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  XRS Aircraft (Business Jets)  
  CRJ Aircraft (Regional Jets)  
  CRJ100 Aircraft (Regional Jets)  
  CRJ200 Aircraft (Regional Jets)  
  CRJ700 Aircraft (Regional Jets)  
  CRJ900 Aircraft (Regional Jets)  
  CRJ1000 Aircraft (Regional Jets)  
  NextGen Aircraft (Regional Jets)  
  Dash 8 Aircraft (Regional Turboprops)  
  Q-Series Aircraft (Regional Turboprops)  
  Q200 Aircraft (Regional Turboprops)  
  Q300 Aircraft (Regional Turboprops)  
  Q400 Aircraft (Regional Turboprops)  
  CSeries Aircraft (Narrowbody)  
  CS100 Aircraft (Narrowbody)  
  CS300 Aircraft (Narrowbody)  
  ALP Rail Vehicle - Locomotive  
  AVENTRA Rail Vehicle - Electric Multiple Unit  
  BiLevel Rail Vehicle - Double-deck Coach  
  CITYFLO Signalling for Mass Transit  
  EBI Signalling Products  
  ECO4 EcoActive Technologies  
  ELECTROSTAR Rail Vehicle - Electric Multiple Unit  
  EnerGplan Simulation Tool  
  EnerGstor Wayside Energy Storage System  
  FICAS Assembly System for Carbodies  
  FLEXITY Light Rail Vehicle  
  FLEXX Bogie  
  INNOVIA Fully Automated and Driverless Transportation Systems  
  INTERFLO Signalling for Main Lines  
  ITINO Rail Vehicle - Diesel Multiple Unit  
  MITRAC Propulsion System for Rail Vehicles  
  MOVIA Rail Vehicle - Metro  
  NINA Rail Vehicle - Electric Multiple Unit  
  OMNEO Rail Vehicle – Double-deck Electric Multiple Unit  
  ORBIFLO Intelligent Wayside Solution  
  ORBITA Predictive Asset Management  
  PRIMOVE Inductive Power Supply Technology for Trams and Electric Vehicles  
  PrimoveCity e-Mobility Solution  
  REGINA Rail Vehicle - Electric Multiple Unit  
  SPACIUM Rail Vehicle - Electric Multiple Unit  
  TALENT Rail Vehicle – Electric/Diesel Multiple Unit  
  TRAXX Rail Vehicle - Locomotive  
  TURBOSTAR Rail Vehicle - Diesel Multiple Unit  
  TWINDEXX Rail Vehicle – Double-deck Electric Multiple Unit/Coach  
  VLocity Rail Vehicle - Diesel Multiple Unit  
  ZEFIRO Rail Vehicle - Electric Multiple Unit  


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